Wide Open Sky

little voices big dreams

An uplifting documentary about children's choir in a remote corner of outback Australia and the fragile world of possibility that is childhood.


Documentaries have a unique power to shift hearts and minds.

You can host a screening of the film in your own venue, or bring the film to your local cinema.

Perhaps you'd like to use your screening to kickstart a discussion about music education. Maybe you're hoping to attract new supporters, reach key influencers, fundraise or inspire action. Or maybe you just want to enjoy a great movie with your community.

Hosting a screening is a perfect chance to bring people together and share a message of hope, joy and inspiration through this heart-warming film. 


1. Bring the film to your local cinema by requesting a "Demand.film" screening.

We take care of the logistics, you promote the event. If enough people reserve tickets online in advance, your screening will go ahead. It won't cost you anything but the price of your ticket!

2. Purchase a community screening pack to screen Wide Open Sky at your own event.

You organise a venue and take care of logistics. You can sell tickets or make admission free. You can also use your event as a fundraiser, if you'd like. 

Once you've decided, or if you have any questions, email us at info@wideopenskymovie.com.

Why host a screening?

Films are a powerful way of engaging audiences with the work you do, and motivating them to act.

By holding a community screening of Wide Open Sky, you could:

  • attract new segments of the community who might not normally attend your events
  • build support and understanding of the work you do
  • recruit supporters and volunteers
  • invite key influencers to see the level of community concern – for example, your local MP, RSL, community organisations, fan clubs or social service providers.
  • raise money for your club or organisation by selling tickets to the screening

Who can host a screening?

Anyone can host a screening!

You could be a local community group, a parent, a school, a music club, or a company wanting to show your staff. Maybe you have a passion for music or the arts, or maybe you're dedicated to giving young people the opportunity to shine! 

Please email us to start planning your screening.