Wide Open Sky

little voices big dreams

An uplifting documentary about children's choir in a remote corner of outback Australia and the fragile world of possibility that is childhood.

what the critics haD to say....

★★★★ "pitch perfect inspirational documentary"

Sunday Telegraph, 17 April 2016

★★★★ "perceptive and irresistible.."

Paul Byrnes, Sydney Morning Herald 

"This down-to-earth crowdpleaser is a terrific antidote to the razzle-dazzle hype of TV talent shows."

Richard Kuipers, Variety


"This delightful Australian-made documentary is a no-frills, all-heart affair that you just can’t help but fall for."

Leigh Paatsch, Herald Sun 

"Inspiring and joyful"

Twitch Film


★★★★ “An inspiration to behold" 

Time Out


"..a delightful film, made doubly so if you happen to be seeking refuge from the blizzard of visual effects and soulless storytelling presently laying waste in the multiplexes."

Jim Schembri, 3AW


"..charming Australian documentary....It’s impossible not to be touched by the innocence and vitality of these youngsters, and by the dedication of their teacher."

David Stratton, The Australian


"Both Leonard and Wide Open Sky refuse to accept stereotypes, and the reward for that is illuminating and joyous."

Craig Mathieson, The Age


"..a brilliant heart string-playing cockle-warmer.."

Jason King, Salty Popcorn


what the audience haD to say.....

"Absolutely blew my mind and made me very emotional. Sensational work!"

Wide Open Sky FB


"Laughed, cried, cheered, ... Best thing I’ve seen for a long time " 

Wide Open Sky FB, 20 April


"Wonderful, captivating, inspirational"

Wide Open Sky FB,  20 April


"I saw Wide Open Sky yesterday with my mum and brother, we all loved it! The kids are fantastic and Michelle is inspiring, as are all the parents and others involved. Five million stars!"

Wide Open Sky FB, 18 April


"Beautiful and significant film, thank you!"

Wide Open Sky FB, April 15


"It's a cracker, beautiful and very moving. Loved it!"

Wide Open Sky FB, 14 April


"Just made me cry!"

Wide Open Sky FB, 18 March


"I really feel like it’s a film that every Australian child and parent should see - in fact, everyone! It’s just a beautiful piece of art."


"It's beautifully put together, funny and interesting and while the reviews seem to insist on calling it 'heartwarming' it's much better than that. It's about kids and schools in western NSW and a music teacher who travels around and picks kids with talent to come together for a choir that performs one weekend a year, mostly from schools where there are no formal music lessons. Really shows the differences between city and remote/regional living and while it touches on things like equity of opportunity, and education and funding priorities, it never labours the point. I thought it was great."


"All LOVED it. Very special experience and joyous"


"I loved it so much - reminded me of my childhood in a choir. To be with like minded kids was the best experience. Thank you for making this!"