Wide Open Sky

little voices big dreams

An uplifting documentary about children's choir in a remote corner of outback Australia and the fragile world of possibility that is childhood.


KYHNAN - choir member

Lightning Ridge

Kyh is an Aboriginal boy from Lightning Ridge who always gives 100% whether he's playing footy or singing. Kyh’s after the solo. His dream is to win a scholarship so he can get to boarding school in the city. Kyh has big plans: I want to make it far to places.



OPAL - choir member


Opal lives in Grawin, a remote dusty settlement of hardscrabble opal miners with three pubs and one general store. Opals never been to camp before. It's all a bit nerve-wracking. But with a pure, strong voice and a hidden talent for composition, she finds her place. And if her parents make it to town to see her perform, it will be a really big deal.


MACK - choir member

Lightning Ridge

Mack is unique. Unlike the sports-mad local boys, he loves dancing and singing. But in a small town theres next to no opportunities to freely express himself.  For Mack, the choir is a rare chance to connect with like-minded kids, awakening a new-found confidence to imagine himself on a big stage. 


TAYLAH - choir member


Taylah is from Bre. With a big voice shes somewhat of a local star. From a big Aboriginal family, her parents support her singing as long as she remembers where shes from. They hope the choir can teach Taylah to read and write music so she has a chance to follow her dream of becoming a country singer. 


ELLA & KATELYN - choir members


Best buddies Katelyn and Ella were dyingto make it into the choir and the fact that they both made it is a giant plus! Such close friends they finish each others sentences, this dynamic duo offer surprisingly insightful and always hilarious commentary on the choir experience.



MICHELLE - founder & director, Moorambilla Voices Choir

Michelle Leonard is a mighty force. She doesn't want the children to sing traditional children's choir ditties: she wants to teach them contemporary, original, complex music. Over the last ten years she has developed Moorambilla Voices – a choral-based program for kids aged 8-18  - based on an underlying belief that the children are capable of great things.



ALICE - composer

Alice Chance is only nineteen. Calm, extraordinarily talented and well on her way to becoming one of Australias best composers, Alice is composer-in-residence. At camp she makes a huge impact on the children, particularly the girls. They love her voice and her music. As Taylah says shes my inspire!” 




DOT - camp manager

With a dry wit and a keen eye for an unmade bed or towels left scrunched in the bathroom, Dot is in charge of camp. She’s the lady you come see if youre homesick or youve wet the bed. And she has a repertoire of campfire songs the envy of anyone. 




NEA - cake maker

Nea is a Baradine local. Shes makes all the cakes. Literally hundreds, with pink and blue icing. Morning & afternoon tea, she makes sure the kids have cake and citrustwice a day. Many of the kids shes known for years. Shes watched them grow. And she loves them to bits.